Tea Time Thursday: 2000AD #1653

Published on September 17th, 2009

Firstly, a quick welcome back to Tea Time Thursday this week, now forgive my short introduction, as I couldn’t wait one minute to get back into the Strontium Dog story that’s in motion in the 2000AD comiczine at the moment. I had been waiting for Wednesday since this time last week like a little child waiting in anticipation for Christmas Day!

Strontium Dog continues once again in it’s third chapter this week, and things are starting to take shape. Some time travel, some more investigations, it’s getting exciting. It feels like I’m reading Doctor Who, but with mutants and a slight sci-fi version of ‘Indiana Jones’ thrown in the mix too. This adventure is going swimmingly in my opinion. I’m not sure whether this is going to be collected in a trade at some point in the future, but I hope so! And I’ve taken on board some of the comments left on the previous Tea Time Thursday’s I’ve done, that I should go back and read some of the Strontium Dog collections! But enough blabber about my excitment, let’s get thing under way.


So during the second chapter we found out that Alpha had realised that perhaps Galactic’s wife and two sons were never even on the shuttle in the first place, and that the imitations of them caught on the shuttle’s CCTV footage, was actually just lifelike SIM dummies of them, put there to throw anyone looking for them off their track. A clever move for the plot and one which I did not see coming, as if you read my previous TTT, you’ll be aware how giddy it had made me, and how much of an eerie plot twist I thought it to be.

So Alpha and his bunch of rogue mutants realise in this chapter that to find out what happened to them, Alpha will have to travel back in time to the day of their disapearance to try and shine some new light on the situation at hand. From what I gathered, it turns out that Johnny Alpha’s trip to visit them back in time, was actually what made them leave on the day they did. Which is how time travel works, its a bizarre paradox and takes a while to get your head around if you’re not used to reading it, but luckily enough I have read the most complex time travel comic out there (Matt Fraction’s outstanding ‘Casanova’ from Image Comics).

Alpha ends up at the end of this chapter, knowing nothing that he didn’t already know about the situation when he sent himself back in time , and he’s lost his target’s once again, they managed to slip through his grasp and now it looks like he’s going to have to start his search to find out what happened all over again. But guessing from what I’ve read, Alpha is a pro, and he’ll no doubt have some trick up his sleeve. So yet again, another exciting chapter, hopefully this will continue to develop until it concludes in the near future. I love stories where it’s nearly impossible to tell how they’re going to end. As I’m sure we’ve all read certain comics from time to time that are so blatantly predictable. It’s nice to read something smart, that can throw even you, the reader, off the tracks of the story as well.

With the other stories in here, I’ve also been catching up on what’s been going on in them as well, but I have to say that not all that much has developed in some of them yet, so I’ll perhaps give them their 5 minutes of fame once they wrap up, as they are just as good.

Thanks again for checking out Tea Time Thursday, if you want to find out more about 2000AD, then simply head on over to www.2000ADonline.com, where you can get all kinds of information on the publication. It’s a good thing to read if you can get it, and I highly recommend it, but do try and jump on at a convienient point, as this issue is not one. So either start from #1650 and work up, or start when these stories end! Catch you later Comic Impact readers, see you around!

Rob Andrews