Tea Time Thursday: 2000AD #1652

Published on September 10th, 2009

Hello readers! Once again, thanks for checking out Tea Time Thursday this week. Now, I hope you bunch of faithful comic impacters don’t mind, but I’m on a real 2000AD ‘high’ at the moment. Ever since last week’s slot where I covered my first ever issue of 2000AD that I’d read, my head has been buzzing during my day to day life with daydreams of Strontium Dog blasting enemies to pieces, leaving glowing red holes in their inferior alien skulls, and Judge Dredd crushing evil-dooer’s bones under the colossol wheels of his behemoth, futuristic motocycle!

What can I say? I’ve got the 2000AD fever.

Now I’m going to inform you, that out of the 5 stories currently featured in the issues of 2000AD, I am particulary fond of the new Strontium Dog story that just started last week, and which I covered last week also. So I am taking it upon myself, to use my Tea Time Thursday slots from now on, to follow each chapter of this Strontium Dog story until it finishes, when I shall head back to giving the smaller British publisher’s their time to shine. Why have I chosen to follow the Strontium Dog storyline specifically you may ask yourselves? Well, I don’t need to say more other than that he really stuck out to me as a character I’d like to follow from now on. He stuck out 2dvk48xto me more than Judge Dredd, more than any of the other characters that were featured.

So last week I covered Chapter 1 of the new Strontium Dog storyline, and I’m going to dive right into the second chapter that was featured in this week’s edition of my new favourite magazine; 2000AD.

Strontium Dog is pretty much, just trying to follow through his investigation into finding Mr. Galatic’s wife and two kids. It’s a simple story right? I’m sure if you followed my last Tea Time Thursday, then I’m sure you’ll be aware of the story at hand.

So basically, Alpha and his team of mutant bounty hunters are on the case trying to figure out what on Earth could have happened to Galatic’s missing family members. They move their position to the place that Mr.Galatic knows they were last seen, in a hotel room on a space shuttle heading for Ganymede. So the simple gist of the plot moving forward here is that they search the hotel room, and find out that the situation really is a spooky and mysterious as it sounds, that this woman and her two kids actually did just vanish into thin air after moving into the hotel room. Their luggage, all still there, untouched, unsettled.

I feel at this point, I should certainly mention that in terms of spoilers, there are none, and that also, I’m going to find it a real challenge to sum up how atmospherically eerie I found this issue, what with how the naration described this woman and her kids disappearing so suddenly. The characterization (even though I barely know these characters yet) was strong, that I can certainly tell you. It helped the story I’ll tell you that, there was no ‘out of place’ humour or anything to spoil the already creepy mood. I was more than impressed.

So Alpha and his ‘team’ are completely stumped.  They don’t know what’s happened to these people. Theyre all sat around, throwing each other these different (and remarkably sound) ideas about what might have happened to cause the disappearance of the people at hand. Until Alpha comes to a realisation about what may have happened to them. What if they were never there at all?

I’ll leave it there in terms of the story, but this is well worth picking up for this story alone (hence why I’m reading it weekly now), and not to mention, if you like atmosphereic stories, then this will be right up your street, believe me.

If you want to check out 2000AD online, then just as I said last week, simply head on over to www.2000ADonline.com, for more goodness on these characters and more! 2000AD is a weekly published comic/magazine, that is released every Wednesday here in the UK and costs £1.90 an issue, and I’m sure it’s avaiable over seas as well and is easy to get hold of.

Thanks a lot every, for reading, join me next week, when I’m sure this exciting Strontium Dog story will have developed even further!

Rob Andrews