Comic Film Snob: SDCC 2009 part 2

Published on August 5th, 2009

Part 2 of 2: The Best of The Rest

Well whew made it through that Marvel report in part 1 now it is onto everything else that wasn’t Twilight and actually had something to do with Comics. Starting out we will hit Icon’s (Marvel ‘s imprint comic) big movie KICK ASS! If you read Simon’s report and saw pretty much what every one else did at the con if not what the hell are you wating for!!! Go read that and I will wait for you to come back ohh and before you go check out the awesome poster they were giving out at the con.


Back? How did it go? Did you like the videos? Simon didn’t touch you did he? Ohh good I hope not. Moving right along….. DC gave us another look at Jonah Hex by giving us this poster.

Meh still not giving us to much to work with.Megan Fox. Check. Josh Brolin. Check. So there is that..I suppose. DC was still pretty tight liped about the Green Lantern movie unfortunately.Now lets play the speed round.

Looks like we now have an Echo movie for those intrested as well as having Morgan Freeman join Bruce Willis in Warren Ellis’ RED. Lots of names I know so try to keep up because there is only going to be more!

Scott Pilgrim didn’t have a huge presence but news did leak out of a video game which should be perfect..god I hope it is an old school fighter!

Like the Goon? Well looks like David Fincher’s movie is gearing up with the voices of Clancey Brown (The Goon) and Paul Giamatti (Frankie). While those two names haven’t been signed just yet it seemed to only be a technicality as both actors want the roles but neither has officially been signed. While I was not able to go myself to the panel they showed some clips the actors voiced that apparently were perfect!


Thank God that is over! SDCC  09′ almost killed me!! If you ever bump into Simon you will have to ask him how It almost killed him in his room;)

Well if any one want’s to know where you got the news.

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Sheldon Lee