POW August 26th 2009:The New Avengers #56

Published on August 31st, 2009

So it is  the last week of August  the Comic Impact team is about to kick some ass  as  this week Sheldon has the pick of the week.  He goes with a classic  New Avengers # 56.This is the 4th time this  comic has been the pick of the week since issue 50.

They  also talk about a  zombie love story , how Simon is enjoying Flash because of Tom Katers’s great podcast and  found out who looks like Mark McGwire in the Marvel U, as we talk about Blackest Night: Titans #1,Batman and Robin #3,The Flash: Rebirth #4,Deadpool #14,Fantastic Four #570,Dark Avengers #8 and New Avengers #56  all this and Dana is still in love with Matt Fraction.

Simon Daoudi


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