POW August 19th 2009:Batgirl #1

Published on August 24th, 2009

As Sheldon is away in La La Land dreaming sweet dreams of Ed Brubaker this week, you’ll be joined by Simon, Rob and Comic Impact newcomer, Dana, as they talk about some of the finest comics to hit the shelves this week. Dana has the POW this week so it’s going to be an exciting episode for you listeners out there. Not only do you get to hear about the comics being discussed, you’ll get to know a little more about Rob’s romantic date with Earth-2 Superman, Simon’s sexy boils, and Dana’s fantasies over dick! All is explained in the podcast!

This week, the list of comics is as follows folks, Punisher: Noir #1, Amazing Spider-Man #603, X-Men: Legacy #227, Deadpool: Suicide Kings #5 of 5, Daredevil #500, Superman/Batman, Blackest Night: Superman #1 of 3 and Batgirl #1.

Simon Daoudi


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