POW July 29th 2009:The New Avengers #55

Published on August 1st, 2009

We’re back with this week’s POW podcast where Simon, Sheldon, and Andy spill the beans on the comics worth discussing from the week of July 29th! Simon had the Pick of the Week this time around (because Sheldon’s pull list, amongst other things, was too small) and he went with New Avengers #55. The dynamic trio also delve into The Stuff of Legend #1, Justice League of America #35, Blackest Night: Tales of the Corps #3, Detective Comics #855, Ultimatum #5, Fantastic Four #569, and of course the POW- The New Avengers #55.

Plus the guys hype Moon Knight, hypothesize about the demise of Norman Osborn, and hem/haw over Tyrese Gibson’s upcoming ‘comic book,’ Mayhem. That’s not all- Sheldon makes a commendable insight into the story line of Detective Comics, Andy brings up the ridiculous math class he took in college, and Simon reveals which Green Lantern he’d like to… uh… ‘bone.’ And learning that information alone is worth downloading this podcast.

Simon Daoudi


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