Reviews: Marvel Zombies 4

Published on August 11th, 2009

So the latest issue of the most recent Marvel Zombies limited series wrapped things up last week, for the current zombie happenings in the Marvel world. I’m sure you are all somewhat aware how hectic Marvel have made the crossovers between the Marvel Zombies Universe and the 616 Universe of late, although I do know that a lot of people passed on this series. But I stuck with it, and I’ve read every series of the MZ franchise there has been so far (excluding the mini series, such as the Army of Darkness one, even though its meant to be fantastic!).


So what did I think of this 4th installment of the series? Well, let me start by taking things back a notch, to the start of Marvel Zombies 3, as I will say that to get a real grasp on this recent 4th series, (as it is very continuity heavy) you will have had to have MZ3. So the third series brings the last of the zombies into the current 616 Universe that we all know and love, and things got complicated from there on in. It turns out the zombie outbreak on Earth-616 started just before Secret Invasion I think it was, and Marvel Zombies 4 deals with the last of those zombies who survived from the third series.

So after the events of Marvel Zombies 4, my opinions are that every issues up to the fourth and final issue, were all very good in their plot, but that the dialouge and naration made things seem much more complicated than they actually were. There were too many technical, scientific terms used and it elluded from the what was ‘decent’ plot! However, the final issue really struck a chord within me and swirved my opinion of this series on the whole, a full 180 degrees. Great characterisation, great dialouge, very very dramatic (in the artwork and writing) and it made for a touching, thrilling ending!

It looks like the Midnight Sons are going to be staying around for a bit, and will most definatly appear in the next Marvel Zombie series coming in Septemper. So stayed tuned for more of Morbius and his Monster Squad.

Here is a teaser image that was printed on the final page of the last of Marvel Zombies 4. It says “Guess Who’s Back ?” on the actual page, but not on this teaser image. Are we going to be seeing these characters come back somehow? They are zombies afterall… It could just be Suydam generalising on the franchise and making an appealing cover. But who knows, it would be awesome if they brought back the zombies Spider-Man (who was always my favourite Marvel Zombie back in the original series), Hulk, Wolverine and Iron Man!

As for this series in general, I’d say wait around for the trade to hit the shelves before trying to pick up each issue. If you’re a scientific person, then you might understand this a bit more, so it is complicated, but the last issue makes things worthwhile!

Rob Andrews