Figure Friday: Red Hulk Marvel Universe

Published on August 21st, 2009

The Rulk from the Marvel 3 ¾ inch series is actually a good figure in a very crappy line. I don’t like this series at all. I don’t like the spindly legs and arms. I don’t like the fragility of this line. I don’t like the double joints which is a big reason I didn’t collect the Marvel Legends series. And most of all, I don’t like the choking hazards disguised as accessories. The reason why the Rulk is a good figure is it strays from the spindly legs while keeping scale with the rest of the line.

Package Description
Thundering out of the desert carrying weapons seemingly designed just for his powerful hands, the RED HULK is determined to wipe every trace of the original HULK from the Earth. Just as strong as his emerald counterpart, he has left a trail of destruction behind him. Those who have survived his passage are left to wonder who he really is, and where he will appear next.

This is a well detailed figure, especially for the scale. The head is done really well and I like the fact they added texture to the hair, skin and pants. The figure comes with no accessories, a big revolver would have been nice.


The figures large feet and low center of gravity allow it to stand on it’s own. This cannot be said about any other figure in the line. If you guys want to put these on your self I recommend a product called Quake Hold. The only way the Marvel line stands up is with a hunk of quake goo under their feet.

Final Judgement: 6/10. This is an adequate figure from a lousy line.