Figure Friday: Inside Matty Collector

Published on August 14th, 2009

At first this article was going to be about the DCU Classic series Superman and Brainiac Two-Pack. This is a great figure pack and the DCU Classics series is still my current favorite action figure line and blah, blah, blah. Instead I’d like to write about Mattel’s questionable business practice when it comes to releasing their action figures. Because of their company practice they make it extremely hard to get their product.

Inside Mattel, there is a sub-division called Matty Collector. Through this Matty Collector line they issue the DCU Classic, DCU Unlimited, DCU Infinity Crisis, Cars, and probably the coolest toy line you’ve never seen, the re-release of the Masters of the Universe line with new sculpts. The MOTU line is only available through the Matty Collector website and in extremely limited numbers. They’re so rare; I’ve never actually seen one. And I collect toys!

superman brainiac

Also, in the DCU Classic line, the fifth wave and the announced tenth wave are Wal-Mart exclusives. Series five is so rare that a set of five figures can easily get you $300 on e-bay. One saving grace was that Series Five wasn’t that great. However, Series 10, which should be available by Christmas, has some great figures including Robotman, Power Girl, and The Joker. I live in a blue state so the nearest Wal-Mart is thirty miles away. And I don’t know how far the next nearest Wal-Mart is because I don’t know where there’s another Wal-Mart.

I guess what I’m trying to covey to you, the reader, and the folks at Mattel is the following. I don’t like it when it’s hard to find action figures. I’m super excited about the new Ghostbusters line coming out, but I’m afraid it will be impossible to get. I don’t know much about business, but I bet one of the rules of business is; make it easy for your customer to get your product. Help me out Mattel.


I’m done ranting. The Superman/Brainiac two-pack is great. They got rid of Superman’s mullet and Brainiac looks awesome in his frat-boy pink polo shirt and speedos. Final Rating, 8/10.

Dave Dearmore