Collecting: Nike G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra

Published on August 12th, 2009

gijoenikeRemember those Nike Transformer shoes that I wrote a blog about when Transformers Revenge of the Fallen film came out? Well guess what? Hasbro has joined Nike one more time, this time, for the new G.I Joe film G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra.

Ok, I love Cobra, some of my friends think I have some kind of sick fetish with Cobra. I even want to get a Cobra Commander Tattoo one day based on Robert Atkins’s artwork . These shoes however,  I don’t give a fuck about, I am sorry. Sure it has officially licensed logos on the shoes as well as retro-looking packaging… I love the packaging design. But having the starting price at $159.99 is a bit high for me. I could get my Cobra Commander tattoo, which would be on me for the rest of my life, and still have some money left over for some G.I Joe toys and Trades.

I know I would kick some ass with the Storm Shadow Sharkalaid but I am still not a fan of these shoes. Maybe when the Flash film comes out there will be some Flash shoes. Maybe they will help me run as fast as Barry Allen.

Here is a few photos of the Nike Hyperize Destro.

nikehyperizedestro1 nikehyperizedestro2
nikehyperizedestro3 nikehyperizedestro4

Simon Daoudi