SDCC 2009: WildStorm

Published on July 28th, 2009


Lets talk a bit about WildStorm Comics and what some of their big news was this year at San Diego Comic Con! I think they’re going have a great year and I’ll be adding a few more books to my pull list from the people over at WildStorm.

  • Planetary #27 will arrive  in October wrapping up  Warren Ellis and John Cassaday’s work on the book.
  • beechenwildcatComic Impact friend Adam Beechen will join artist Tim Seeley on WildCats Beginning with issue #19.
  • “As soon as I take over, there’s going to be gigantic battles that are going to be happening as result of storylines coming out of several books in the WildStorm Universe,” Beechen said.
  • Adam also said that about 60 characters from the WildStorm Universe will appear in the title during his first year, as they try to put the Earth back together after the events of “Number of the Beast” and “World’s End.”
  • “The Highwaymen” writing team of Marc Bernardin and  Adam Freeman will work on  “The Authority” beginning with issue #17.
  • I think the best quote has to go to Marc Bernardin “I think lots of comic fans go through what we did, in that we had this transitional period between when we fell out of comics for a little bit, when they got too expensive and the X-Men went fucknuts and they got all crazy.”
  • Writer Phil Hester and artist Cruddie Torian take on  “Gen13” starting at issue #33.
  • Are you a fan of Grant Morrison and Gene Ha’s The Authority? Well now it looks like writer Keith Giffen and editor Scott Peterson will wrap up the story using Morrison’s outlines.
  • The first two issues will be re-released, and each new issue will feature a different artist, starting with Darick Robertson and Trevor Scott.
  • Brian Wood and Rebekah Isaacs will bring DV8 back to WildStorm next April.
  • Writer Kurt Busiek said  “Astro City” is not only back, but it’s going to be on a monthly schedule next year. “We were monthly for the first five issues in 1995.”
  • Alex Ross will continue to provide the covers.
  • David Lapham is working on a new six issue creator-driven project called Sparta U.S.A. Joining Lapham is Johnny Timmons and the story is about “a small town where football, family and assassination are practiced and taught with great enthusiasm.”

It looks like there’s a lot of great stuff that I know I can’t wait to read from Wildstorm, such as Adam’s run on WildCats. I love the news that Astro City is now a monthly comic and the new project by David Lapham sounds like something I would read. WildStorm is going to kick some ass very soon…

Simon Daoudi