Collecting: Soundwave Sharkalaid

Published on July 3rd, 2009

My favorite Transformer of all time is Soundwave who just so happens to be in the new movie, Transformers Revenge of the Fallen… I’m the only one  in the world who has not watched it yet.

Anyway, how would you like to have your very own special edition Transformers sneakers designed after the characters Megatron (Nike Zoom Flight Club), Soundwave (Nike Sharkalaid) and Bumblebee (Nike Zoom FP)?  Ok, now how much would you pay for these limited edition Transformer Nike shoes… do I hear $75?  I am sorry but you are looking at around $100.00 per pair! One hundred dollars for the Nike Zoom FP and Nike Sharkalaid, while the Megatron Nike Zoom Fight Club version retails at $120.00.


That is just a bit high for me and for anyone who is feeling the effects of the economy right now. Also, I don’t care a lot about sneakers, but how sweet is the packaging design?   Or is that just the design dork in me speaking up…

Simon Daoudi