SDCC 2009: DC Comics

Published on July 27th, 2009


Our last blog was about Marvel, so now let’s talk a bit about DC Comics and what some of their big news was this year at San Diego Comic Con:


  • The next Superman crossover event will be called “Codename Patriot.” General Lane will be the main guy in this new crossover and every character will be affected.  Sounds a lot like what’s going on over at Marvel with Dark Reign…
  • Captain Atom will play a part in Codename Patriot.
  • Look for Hunt for Reactron as a Supergirl/Action Comic’s crossover in October by Sterling Gates and Greg Rucka.
  • Thanagarians aren’t going to be too happy- the Kryptonians are back.
  • Superman #700 will be titled Mon-el: Man of Valor who will be a darker character with a new costume. Wait, a new costume? WTF…
  • Geoff Johns told fans if you don’t like reading comics with Krypto, then avoid Adventure Comics.
  • Francis Manapul said Adventure Comics was like a Norman Rockwell comic.
  • Adventure Comics will co-feature JSA’s Starman, Lightning Lad, Polar Boy, and Sun Boy, plus every Legion will be featured in Adventure Comics… Good luck with that Geoff.
  • Starman will play out in Adventure Comics, not be for a Blackest Night story line, as he goes for Superboy Prime in issues #4 and #5.
  • Origin stories will be the focus in the Supergirl Annual (origin of Superwoman), Superman Annual (history of Daxam), and a Secret Files issue.


Blackest Night

  • Black Lantern: Superman will answer everyone’s questions about New Krypton, and dead heroes in the Superman titles.
  • Geoff Johns is working on Blackest Night: The Flash.
  • Barry Allen’s return is not temporary.
  • Abin Sur vs. Hal Jordan.
  • Krypto vs. Dek-Starr.
  • The Anti-Monitor is imprisoned in the Black Lantern power battery, and isn’t happy about it.
  • J.T. Krul’s “Blackest Night Titans” will feature “a hell of a lot of dead Titans, as Titans fans know.”
  • “We’ll see Sinestro vs. Carol Ferris in what you’d think would be a one sided fight. But Carol is much stronger than Sinestro,” Johns said.
  • “The Black Rings aren’t about who’s dead, they’re about who’s alive,” Johns said, noting that this hasn’t been seen in the series.
  • Johns also said that the rings represent primal survival emotions. He also said he turns into a Red Lantern about every other day driving his car in LA.
  • “All of these emotions are about personal growth, and all of these can be used properly,” Johns said.
  • Explaining that the tie-ins stand alone, Johns said, “If you like the Titans and you just want to read a really good Titans story, ‘Blackest Night Titans’ is a really good Titans story.”
  • Smallville is going to be besieged by Black Lantern Superman of Earth-2, and what he does to that town is really wicked.

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Here some highlights form the Batman: New Dynamic panel:

  • Philip Tan the upcoming artist of Batman and Robin called the script “crazy, crazy.” Art on the title will be “something that’s going to be a little bit different.”  Two new characters: a new Red Hood and Scarlet will be introduced in the story.
  • Paul Dini talked about “Streets of Gotham” and “Gotham City Sirens.” “Hush is back and he’s making trouble in both books.” Dini calls him a “one man stimulus plan.” Hush will continue to give away the Wayne fortune. At some point, the Joker comes to deal with Harley in Streets of Gotham.
  • The new Batgirl comic will have waffles in the first issue and it is not Bet Kane under the mask.
  • Rucka told fans ” I think JH is changing the form. He’s changing the language of comics with this.” According to Rucka, In “Detective Comics #858,” the artist’s style will change dramatically.”
  • “Tim Drake is having a rough couple of years. So with Red Robin it’s taking a character who is in an incredible dark place. Anybody who isn’t Tim would end up in an asylum. The book is examining where he is and how he deals with it. “Shockingly, it’s not getting going to get better [for Tim.] … So he’s on this delusional quest to find Bruce. People are worried about him.”  Chris Yost told fans when talking about Red Robin.
  • Red Hood is not the Red Hood you think it is.  Neither is Scarlet.
  • Azrael will be an ongoing title.
  • Tony Daniel is coming back to Batman for “a bunch of issues.”

Wednesday Comics

  • Issue 5 will feature a 65 panel Wonder Woman page.
  • According to DC, the numbers for Wednesday Comics are climbing with each order.

Also the Guinness Book of World Records honored DC Comics this past weekend, since Detective Comics is the longest-running comic book in the US.  Paul Levitz, DC Comics President and Publisher accepted the award. More on DC, Vertigo, Widstrom and later on…

Simon Daoudi