Review: A Violent End and Other Tales

Published on July 16th, 2009

I am not a big fan of anthologies and say so all the time on the podcasts. Yet, I found myself wanting more after reading A Violent End, and Other Tales which features stories written by Vinton Heuck and the awesome talents of Eric Canete, Mike Docherty, and Armando Gil.


There are 3 stories in this comic, the first of which is called A Violent End. If you’re a fan of film noir, then this story is for you as Vinton takes you on a dark ride into a world of SEX, DURGS and MONEY. No one is safe as we meet the main characters-a showgirl named Rose and a man whom she is in love with who goes by Mitch.

After something went down where Rose works, she, Mitch and a Cherry Red 69 Chavelle go on trip from the dark streets of Los Angeles to the hot Nevada desert where the action is non-stop. The end of this first story makes you want to know more about Rose and Mitch, especially their back story and where they’re headed next.

Vinton is both the writer and artist on this story and his style of artwork makes me think of Frank Miller’s work on Sin City. It’s awesome, especially how he uses shadows in some of the panels.

The next story  is called  A Long Night as Heuck is joined by the art team of Mike Docherty and Armando Gill. This story made me  think a lot of Tales of the Black Freighter from Watchmen. Sure  it’s not a comic in comic. But does have a lot  of objects of fear, loathing.

It’s the story of a man ( Conal Macdugall) running away from something that is following him. We  join him  on his way home to save his family and the people he loves.

The last story in A Violent End, and Other Tales is called The Forsaken and this time Vinton is teamed up with Eric Canete. I loved Canete’s run on Iron Man: Enter The Mandarin and would give anything to own a page from that the run.

Anyway, this story is about 3 bounty hunters on a ship called The Leviathan. One of the bounty hunters is left behind on an alien planet, and you know how they say no one can hear you scream in space? Well, Vinton does a great job making us paranoid about this and Canete shows up with his great artwork, giving us a claustrophobic feel for the setting of this story.  Will they escape? I am not going to tell you what’s after them, you’ll just have to read it to find out.

This by far is my favorite of the three stories.

If you want to check out  a great anthology then pick up A Violent End, and Other Tales. Trust me, it is a fun read that will make you want to know more about these characters. If you enjoy genres like horror, science fiction, and film noir, THEN GO GET YOURSELF A COPY OF this book!

Simon Daoudi