POW July 8th 2009:Red Robin #2

Published on July 12th, 2009

This week Sheldon has the Pick Of The Week, and he chooses DC’s new rising title Red Robin #2 But there’s more as always, as the guys also cover  Uncanny X-Men:First Class#1,Dark X-Men:The Beginning 1 of 3, X-Men Forever #3, Amazing Spider-Man #36 The Great Wednesday Comics by DC.Green Lantern#43, Batman #688 and the PICK OF THE WEEK ( POW) Red Robin #2

Plus, a guest on the show this week as newcomer to the site, Rob takes his first stand in a Pick Of The Week and showcases the vast assorment of bizarre noises he can make. Also, Woody Allan pays a visit to the show! So it’s an all round wacky week this week as Sheldon, Simon and Rob take your through this week’s stack of comics, now make sure you download this week’s POW to get all this and even more right on your computer!

Simon Daoudi


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