POW July 1st 2009:The Sword #18

Published on July 5th, 2009

Andy has the pick this week, and it shocks the panel as he goes with Image’s indie title, The Sword #18!

The guys also cover Star Wars Invasion #1, Uncanny X-Men #513 (Utopia part II), Captain America: Reborn #1, The Invincible Iron Man #15, Batman and Robin #2, Green Lantern Corps. #38, Justice League: Cry for Justice #1, The Boys #31, Greek Street #1, Terry Moore’s Echo #13, Muppet Robin Hood, Chew #2 , and of course, the Pick of the Week!

Plus, Simon gets a grammar lesson, Andy sings, Sheldon gets proven right (it’s a rare thing so we figured it should be highlighted), and the guys reveal what they think would make a kick ass Captain America comic! All of this and more when you download the POW podcast for the week of July 1st!


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