Previews: Vengeance of Moon Knight #1

Published on July 30th, 2009

Hey guys what’s up? Looking for something new and – dare I say – spectacular to add to your pull list? Well then, have I got something for you! I am sure all of you who picked up a Marvel book this week noticed you had a little something something at the end of your issues. It looks like they are giving Moon Knight a much needed kick directly in the bollocks (that means balls in the states)! Tee-hee!. If you have been a fan of the series you know life has not been incredibly kind to the multi personality super hero known as Moon Knight. He has been dealing with both Norman Osborn and his own somewhat troubled  conscious in the form of Khonshu, as well as the fall out from the previous story arc’s. He was run out of town by Norman, and Moon Knight a.k.a Marc Spector, seemingly disappeared in Mexico. That was where the series seemed to end…..but it looks like you can’t keep a good costumed hero down as Moon Knight is back in an all new series titled Vengeance of Moon Knight! The creative team working on this book will be writer Gregg Hurwitz with art by Jerome Opeña, and their looking to point the story in a new direction.

Having now taken on the persona of Jake Lockley, reinventing his Moon Knight persona, and revamping his entire arsenal of toys, he is out for… well…..vengeance. He is going after the head of H.A.M.M.E.R  himself- Norman Osborn, as well as taking back the streets of Manhattan. Below are a few preview pages of what looks to be a phenomenal (and hopefully long) run on The Vengeance of Moon Knight coming to comic shops every where in September! Enjoy!





Sheldon Lee