Manga Monday…C-C-C-Cosplay

Published on July 28th, 2009


If you were living under a rock them you probably didn’t know that Comic Con has just come and gone, which oddly enough gave me my inspiration for this week’s post. A lot of people go to this Con in San Diego, and many others dress up, or doing something we have come to know as cosplay, which you probably could have guessed is a word of Japanese origin.

Cosplay is short for ‘costume roleplaying’, where both males and females dress up as their favourite characters with a large portion of them being from anime and manga. Although, cosplaying now includes costumes from popular culture such as Harry Potter, Star Wars and western comic books (previously known as masquerading).

The word originates from Nov Takahashi who upon visiting an American convention in 1984 was so impressed by people masquerading as there favorite characters that he came back to Japan to rave about it to numerous Japanese magazines. He dubbed this cosplay.

Cosplay is an art form all of itself and unlike fancy dress, the emphasis is placed on ‘becoming the character’, ultimate right down to the very last detail. Some of the top cosplayers can spend thousands of dollars bringing their favorite character to life. Cosplay, when done properly can be utterly fascinating and very mind blowing. It’s not surprising that cosplayers and fans alike flock together at conventions or online social network sites, like to take photos, swap tips, and generally discuss their hobby.


Hollie ‘where is my wig cap Pheonix’ Bennett