Marveling @ The Marvels Project!!

Published on July 3rd, 2009

Oh Hi! I didn’t see you there!! Wow that’s a big shovel…why are you hiding it behind your back? Anywho, I guess you came here to find out about the impending Marvels Project by Ed Brubaker and Steve Epting. It will be an 8 part mini series starting August 12th 2009.When Ed “THE MAN” Brubaker spoke at this years NY Comic Con he had this to say about The Marvels Project:

themarvelsproject“It’s a modern day retelling of the origin story of the Marvel Universe,” Brubaker explains. Taking place between 1938 and 1942, the comic centers on the unknown connections between Marvel’s biggest Golden Age heroes and how their creation still impacts Marvels characters today. “What I’m trying to do is tell the story in a way where it feels like it fits with the Marvel Universe and ties into the Marvel Universe that exists today.”

He followed that with…

“My main mandate to myself in this project is to try to tell the definitive version of this story and bring it all together into one big epic that all makes sense being in the same book, something that feels like one story instead of just going, ‘And here’s this guy’s origin. And this guy’s origin too!’ I want it to feel like a story that makes sense.You’ve got this pre-war America as the setting for the whole story, and it’s really interesting. One of our opening scenes is FDR getting a secret intelligence briefing on a yacht, and it’s about the experiment that’s creating the Human Torch. Basically, the Nazis are closer than them [to creating a super powered solider], and that’s one of the reasons why the Human Torch is allowed to be leaked to the press. The guy who created the Human Torch doesn’t even know that the shell company funding his experiment is actually run by the government. He thinks he’s trying to create artificial life, and he’s really working for the government.”

Brubaker also goes on to say, “I’m trying very hard not to tread over ground that’s been tread over 100 times before and trying not to look at it as a giant retcon but instead as a reinterpreting of this whole era as if it’s a legend being retold in a way.This is about the science race to create super humans. That’s not even something I’m bringing to it. It’s just something I’m highlighting because if you look back on what is referred to as the canon origin of the Marvel Universe, it is a big espionage story.”

He even had this to say about his working partner The Great Steve Epting!

“Seeing Steve redesign the look of these old characters is cool!I think it’s going to be a really, really cool project. I don’t think I’ve been as excited about any project I’ve worked on at Marvel except maybe the first issue of [CAPTAIN AMERICA] I got to write. You look at these icons, and it’s amazing to be able to go back and tell this story. This is a story that has never been told, and we’re going to tell it. The closest you can get is that first issue of MARVELS, and even that is approaching it from a completely different point of view and story structure and tone.”

So did that get you interested? No? Not yet?? Do you even have a pulse!? Well if that doesn’t grip you then maybe you should check out the preview pages at the end of this post from some of your favorite comics this week! Well no, that’s not true…  don’t go checking your DC stack or any of those other ‘comics’ that aren’t Marvel because they won’t be there…but nice try. I bet you were gonna write to me and be all like “You’re a F’ing liar Sheldon!!! I checked!!!” (see I am watching out for my peeps) Well I tell ya what- you don’t even have to travel all the way to the store or even crack open your hermetically sealed and boarded comics!! Because just for you I have thrown in the preview pages below!!! Oh yeah I did!



Looks pretty good, huh? Personally, I love Brubaker and Eptings’ work together, and I feel like this book will make the early Marvel  years carry more weight and be more than just cheesy folks running around looking like a Kirby drawing (no offense Simon), or a Ditko drawing. It will come from a a more recognizable viable place that in the long run will come across as something that isn’t just for kids…. and lets face it comics have grown up. Isn’t it time we let Marvel do the same?

Sheldon Lee