SDCC 2009: Hasbro/Marvel

Published on July 27th, 2009


One of my favorite things this weekend at Comic-Con was at the Hasbro/Marvel panel where they showed off their sexy Galactus figure from the Marvel Universe line.

David Vonner of Hasbro told us at the panel that this ‘Devourer Of Worlds’ will be 19″ tall and have lights and electronics. This will be part of the Gigantic Battles line and should be released in 2010. Now I need to find my self a Silver Surfer from the Marvel Universe line.


Here some other highlights from the Hasbro Panel.

  • The Iron Man 2 toy line launches on March 1st, 2010.The action figure line will be done in the 3 3/4 scale,same as the Marvel Universe line.
  • Look for a Deep Dive Armor, Jetstream Armor, Mark I, Mark II, and Mark III, classic Armor, War Machine, and Crimson Dynamo.
  • At Toy Fair  2010 Hasbro will be showcasing  there Iron Man 2 products.
  • More Wolverine figures are on the way with the classic and movie figure lines. Look for a  Logan and Colossus as part of the last wave for this year.
  • Spidey goes 3 3/4  in 2010 with a Spidey that has light up eyes, black suit Spidey with removable armor, classic Green Goblin, Venom, Spidey with Doc Ock arms, and scuba Spidey.
  • The San Diego Comic Con 2009 Wolverine Mighty Mugg is  the first Mugg with a retractible claws feature.
  • Gigantic Battles will have a red Goliath variant. The line is exclusive to Walmart in 2009.
  • For fans of the Marvel Universe line,  you may love this news that Mike Degado will be doing the art work for each package. The theme for 2010 is Dark Reign and HAMMER, and the  content will be driven by Norman and his impact on the  Marvel Universe.
  • Wave 1, will be Jim Lee Jean Grey, Warpath, and Vision.
  • Wave 2 includes Bucky with 2 tommy guns, CAP, modern Thor, Extremis Iron Man, Juggernaut, and a Black Widow with 3 alternate hair styles. The Thor will feature new articulation points- an upper thigh swivel for one.
  • In 2010 all the MU figures will include stands ( THANK YOU !!!).
  • There is talk  about  an Alpha Flight box set.
  • Retailers set their own prices.
  • Secret Wars 2 packs will have original artwork by Bob Layton.
  • Secret Wars wave 2 feature – Spider-Woman and Iron Man, black Spidey and Magneto, Hulk and Cyclops.
  • Wave 3 has classic Thor and Enchantress, Hawkeye and Piledriver, Mr. Fantastic in blue and white and classic Ultron.

Here are some photos.



Do you remember when we posted about the new Marvel Legends? Well, here is your first look at the what the new Marvel Legends figures may be.  Did you vote on what figures you want in this line ? Fans pick 3 of 18 and Hasbro picks 3. The 6 winners will be released in 3 2-packs …


You know I want the Deadpool. Here is  a fun fact: if Warpath wins, he may come out with a classic colors variant.



Please note these  figures are customs and are not the final models. When the winners are selected, the figures will be re-tooled for production.

Here are some  photos of Hasbro’s new Iron Man 2 figures that will hit stores on March 1st, 2010.




Stay tuned to Comic Impact for more on all these great figures and a lot more news from San Diego Comic-Con.

Simon Daoudi