Ultimate Comics Foil & Hologram covers

Published on July 10th, 2009

Remember Foil & Hologram variant covers back in the 1990’s? Well guess what- they’re back and this time we can say thank you Marvel for paying tribute to the worst time in comic book history down at your LCS (Local Comic Shop).

xmen300The theme begins with Ultimate Comics Avengers #1, Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #1 and Ultimate Comics Armor Wars #1, which will all have Foilogram Variant Covers. Marvel’s David Gabriel had this to say to the press:

“This is Marvel doing the nineties right,” explained David Gabriel, Marvel Comics Senior Vice President of Sales & Circulation. “We’re taking two of the most popular cover treatments of all time–foil and holograms–to create an all new kind of cover, as a ‘thank-you’ to fans who’ve been demanding this kind of variant! Retailers and fans don’t need to worry. We’re only doing this on a limited basis. You won’t see one on Ms Marvel #46 or Lockjaw and the Pet Avengers #4. We’re using them to mark very special occasions…such as the launch of Ultimate Comics line.”

I was not a fan of these back in the 1990’s. Over all I am not a fan of Variant Covers period.  I just don’t give a shit about a Variant Cover. I care more about what’s in the book. I know a part of me dies every time I see the cover of Uncanny X-Men #300.

I think the meatloaf I had back in Junior High was better then that cover. Next thing you know they’re going to kill off some of the big name in comics like Batman, Captain America, The Flash  and then bring them back from the dead… Oh how I hate you 1990’s comics… let me count the ways. Who the fuck are these fans who ask for foil and hologram covers?

I don’t care at all about Ultimate Comics Avengers #1 and Ultimate Comics Armor Wars #1 which are blatantly utilizing the brand-new Foilogram cover treatment! Part foil, part hologram, are these reflective covers. Examine the intricate technology of Tony Stark!

It all sounds like SHIT to me. I will be reading these comics, but don’t  look for me to pick up those variant covers and if Marvel is so gung-ho about doing all digital books, how the fuck do you make a Foilogram cover work on someone’s computer or iPhone ??



Simon Daoudi