Figure Friday: Parademon DCU Classics Series 8

Published on July 10th, 2009

The guys over at Mattel have a huge man-crush on Jack Kirby and that’s OK with me. The Parademon is the sixth figure in the DCU Classics line from the Fourth World. He joins Mr. Miracle, Big Barda, Orion, Lightray, and the truly outstanding collect and connect figure Kalibak from series six. With Mantis confirmed for series nine and Forager rumored for series 10, Mattel seems committed to completing Jack Kirby’s Fourth World.

Package Description:

Of the many warriors serving Darkseid, Lord and absolute master of the planet Apokolips, none are more feared or loyal than the Parademons. Artificially grown in the genetic laboratories of Apokolips, these elite soldiers prowl the dark skies of Armagetto dealing death and destruction to all who challenge or invade their master’s domain. Their every waking moment, every thought, is filled with one purpose and one purpose only: protect and serve Darkseid—at any cost!



The Four Horsemen did their usual great job on the sculpt. The detail is incredible, especially the head. This looks to be a completely original figure without any molds being reused from previous figures. I especially like the spindly legs and arms; combined with the giant feet and hands this is a truly ferocious looking action figure.

This figure comes with a ray gun as an accessory. It’s an unusual weapon as it is sculpted to fit securely in the Parademon’s claw like hand. Mattel offers the same ray gun in the Parademon variant, but because it has normal hands, the ray gun doesn’t fit. This figure also comes with the left arm of Giganta.


This figure has excellent poseability. The giant feet provide a sturdy base to keep it standing upright without any stands. The ball joints in the shoulders and hips are perfect for allowing cool leaping and acrobatic poses.

Final Judgement: 8/10

This is a great figure and one you can use as a universe builder. It’s scary looking, poses great, and was designed by Jack Kirby. Mattel did a great job this time around and their quality control keeps getting better and better. I can’t wait until they announce wave 11 at San Diego this year.

Dave Dearmore