Figure Friday: DC Direct Ame-Comi

Published on July 31st, 2009

Here’s just a sample from the DC Direct Ame-Comi line up of really well designed vinyl figures! This figure line gives us a twist on the traditional take of the female characters from the DC Universe. It gives them an anime design including the typical gigantic eyes, youthful appearance, and huge boobs that define the genre. They have also changed the costuming to reflect anime styling while at the same time retaining the traditional elements of each heroine’s costume. Several figures have been released so far, including two versions of Batgirl and Catwoman. Each figure I’ve seen looks great, the only reason I haven’t collected the whole series is because of the price. At 40 to 50 dollars a piece these are pretty expensive.

wonderwoman supergirl

The sculpts of these figures are beautiful and they came out of the box with only slight imperfections on the paint and the casting. Each figure comes with a base, which allows for easy display. I’m not impressed with the clear plastic stick method of holding the figures up. With the exception of Power Girl, a clear plastic stick is used to help the figure stand or in the case of Supergirl, fly. This wasn’t a great design because the holes in the backs of the figures don’t hold the stick firmly in place. Also, the hole in Supergirl’s back is hidden behind her cape. To access it you either have to bend the cape back or fumble around and scratch Supergirl’s back. Neither is a great option. Also since there is no click when you insert the stick, you have to hope for the best until she falls five seconds after you put her down. However, once you manage to get it right, the figures stand well and look great.

DC Direct will soon be releasing an anime style Batman. I’m undecided on whether I like this. It would be neat to see the male counterparts to the heroines released so far, especially Hawkgirl and Black Canary. On the other hand I’m worried that releasing male figures will ruin the uniqueness of the series. I wasn’t impressed with the Batman figure, and it costs ten dollars more than the females. There are still a few females in the DCU that I would like to see made. Starfire would be great. If there was ever a character who would be perfect for the big eyes, big boobs look of anime, it’s Starfire.


Dave Dearmore