Comic Film Snob Week: June 29th 2009

Published on July 5th, 2009

jessicabielsiffHello fellow movie goers and cinema watchers! I am sure you are wondering what has transpired this week in the realm of comic book movie news!! Well, listen up as I have lots of news to report and even a new section I call Rumor Town!!!

Lets start off with the new Rumor Town section. Now I usually don’t like to report rumors because, well, they aren’t factual. But they will at least allow us to discuss the possibilities of what might be coming to a very big screen near you, so you can file this whole section that follows under rumors!!

First off we have the mumbling that actress Jessica Biel is in talks to appear in Thor. If this is true I can possibly see her as Siff and maybe have Natalie Portman as Enchantress. They make sense to me as those roles, but then again, I am not the one casting this movie so who knows.

—————–Now Leaving Rumor Town population 1 ——————

Whew! That was a smelly place full of questions with never ending possibilities…..much like a trip to the 7-11! Now we get into a much safer place where we deal with actual facts. I know this next part will make Simon happy so here we go!

Earlier this week it was stated in Empire Magazine that Ryan Reynolds insists on breaking the 4th wall while playing Deadpool in a new movie, a la Ferris Bueller. I am completely ok with this as it is a perfect example of ‘not your average comic book movie’….it’s playing it up a bit giving you a little something different for your buck! In the comic Wade/Deadpool knows he is a character in the Marvel universe, and he often delivers asides to the reader. I think this would make for a good movie if written correctly and that Ryan Reynolds would do the role justice!!

Moving right along…

Apparently we gained Steve Rogers back in the comic realm this week, but we lost a Superman actor! That’s right- actor Brandon Routh’s contract lapsed this week for playing DC’s title character in the next Superman film. Whaaa whaaa whaaaaaaaaa. I like him, but I just don’t have a strong opinion about his film (Superman Returns )
. Yes it reminded me of Donner’s Superman movie but, well, times have changed… shouldn’t we as well? I suppose the good news is that he will have plenty of time to shoot his new film Dead of Night (also a movie based on a comic book).


It is time to kick ass down in San Diego, so of course the Kick Ass film team will be down there giving you a bit of a show-and-tell on how the movie looks. Plus, they will be available for a Q & A! That should be pretty cool… if only I can find my press pass… now where in the hell is that little press pass!?

In smaller screen news it looks like we should be getting a Watchmen (Director’s Cut)
by the end of July. It appears to be slap full of goodies, and I have even heard the term ‘revolutionary’ used when describing what director Zack Snyder does for the Blu Ray live version of the film….so go out and buy it if for no other reason than to see a giant blue wiener in crystal clear hi-def!

In much much much smaller screen news, the cartoon series The Maxx (which used to be shown on MTV late at night and has yet to see a DVD release) is now appearing on a computer screen near you!! MTV has released six episodes of the show for your viewing pleasure here. The Maxx was a comic series drawn by Sam Keith and published by Image Comics in the 1990s.

Well that’s all from me for this week- I have to go and read some comics and watch some film and possibly watch some comic book films. Life is tough! Hope every one had a good 4th!

Sheldon Lee