Sneak Peek: Marvel Zombies

Published on June 24th, 2009

That’s right Marvel Zombies are coming back for more brains this September  as a series of one-shots! Fred Van Lente, the man behind Marvel Zombies 4, will be writing the new zombie tales. This line of Marvel Zombies will feature undead versions of Spider-Man, Iron Man, Wolverine, Hulk, and The Avengers. Lentre will  also write Marvel Zombies Return: Avengers with Wellington Alves, which carries the tag line  “Avengers Dismember!”

Then comes Marvel Zombies Return: Iron Man, by David Wellington (Monster Island) with art by Andrea Mutti. That’s right Iron Man, his bottle, James Rhodes, and Stark Industries versus a wave of the undead. You know I will be reading that one for sure!


Editor William Rosemann has also stated that no previous knowledge of Marvel Zombies history will be needed to enjoy these new stories. However, this maybe the last time we see a Marvel Zombies book for awhile, since there is mention of a possible cure to the zombiefication of the Marvel heroes, and a run in with the Sinister Six.

The Marvel Zombies series has always been entertaining to me, a man who loves Zombies. One of my favorite t-shirts is my George A. Romero’s  Dawn of the Dead shirt. My ex-girlfriend used to tell me I wear it too much, and she’s probably right… especially now that it has her brain matter stained on it. I’m sorry, what?

Anyway, I just want the Marvel Zombies to finish so I can have just one big over size hardcover or maybe even an Omnibus. Seriously, who doesn’t love good old  zombie action with lots of brains being eaten?  Plus my Spider-Man and MJ Zombie statue needs some friends!

Simon Daoudi