Long Live Geek Camaraderie!

Published on June 5th, 2009


Now while I’m aware this isn’t a news post or anything exactly ground breaking, it is a little reflection and story I wanted to share with you all. Geeks, freaks, or nerds. Call comic book fans what you want but this little story is a nod towards a world we are all totally engrossed in.

As you have seen, Comic Impact has had a re-design. As part of this our leader requested that we all have some relativity pro photos taken of us, basically photos of us showing us as we are. I’ve done some modeling in my time so I contacted a photographer I know and off we went to book the studio. Much to my horror the studios were all booked up and all of a sudden I had to find a suitable location.

Now if you actually listen to the podcasts you might remember me saying how the UK completely lacks independent comic book stores in comparison to the USA. Yet in my desperation to find a shoot location I came upon the only independent comic store on the south coast of England, called Paradox.

Paradox was exactly what I had always imaged an independent comic book store to be. It’s stacks of boxes, figures, comics, and general geek memorabilia was nothing short of a true Aladdin’s cave. I was in heaven and totally in my element.  After an hour or so we had taken over one of the bigger corners of the shop to set up lights and equipment when two people, obviously regulars to the shop, walked in. Naturally a little fascinated by what the hell we were up to in the corner, we began talking. The couple informed us they had recently got married and before we knew it we were talking comic books, talking geek, and viewing pictures of her amazing (medieval style) wedding dress.  Conversation was easy and friendly, we were laughing and joking like old friends.





It is the only world I’ve ever been in where this simple camaraderie exists. It’s found on websites like this one, at conventions like Comic Con or Amecon (UK), and in stores like Paradox. That simple passion for being geeky has led me to meet some of my closest friends, drag me across the world to meet others, and given me many memorable moments- just like looking at the wedding photos in Paradox.

So I say long live independent comic book stores and long live the geek camaraderie!

Hollie ‘Fenix’ Bennett


p.s – If you are on the south coast and loving the idea of Paradox, check out their website and blog for store location.