Production Update: Iron Man II

Published on June 9th, 2009

Paramount Pictures has released the first photo of Mickey Rourke a.k.a Whiplash at the Monaco Historic Grand Prix from Iron Man 2. Now is it just me or does this look like something out of Mad Max? If you want to know more about the part at the Monaco Historic Grand Prix. I would tell you to pick up a copy of Essential Iron Man, Vol. 1 (v. 1) and read Tales of Suspense #45- It was after all the first appearance of both Happy Hogan AND Pepper Potts!!


Here is what goes down in Tales of Suspense #45

Being followed by the icy fingers of Jack Frost, Iron Man arrives at his sports car down the road, drops his armor and changes into his alter ego, Anthony Stark. Stark puts the car in gear and heads over to the speedway. He arrives just in time to swap cars, climbing behind the wheel of “The Stark Special” to race. Sometime into the event, he feels his heart freeze up on him, causing him to spin the car out of control and crash!

Here is what I think about the scene in  this photo.

Now I know Jack Frost isn’t in Iron Man 2, but how about they make Whiplash the one that causes Tony’s car spin out? You know, because he want’s some of Stark’s tech?

Now feel free to go to your comic book store to tell them that Simon from Comic Impact told you this fun fact first.

Simon Daoudi