Interview:Steve Mannion

Published on June 25th, 2009

Hey there Comic Impact readers and listeners! If you read the most recent Trade Tuesday article you know I covered The Bomb, published by Asylum Press and written and drawn by creator Steve Mannion. Well, I had promised an interview with both Steve and Frank Forte (the head guy over at Asylum) around the first week of July, but Steve was able to fit us into his schedule and do a solo interview with Simon and I!

Download this podcast as we talk to Steve about The Bomb, his new mini series Fearless Dawn, Canadian television, cigarettes, his time at the Joe Kubert School of Cartoon and Graphic Design, girls, punk rock and much, much more!


Plus win a SIGNED COPY OF FEARLESS DAWN #1 by sending us the answers to these three questions which are clearly answered in the interview:

  1. Steve’s favorite type of cigarettes.
  2. Which mainstream characters he would choose to draw if given the opportunity.
  3. The inspiration behind his comic strip, Chicks on Bombs.

It’s that easy to get free cool shit here at Comic Impact (seriously, are you participating in our other contests?). Stay tuned to the site for the upcoming interview with Forte and Mannion, and for future reviews featuring Asylum Press comics!

Andy Liegl

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