Figure Friday: Superman DCU Classics Series 6

Published on June 5th, 2009

What is rapidly becoming my favorite toy line of all time, the DCU Classics collection, has a glaring weakness. They have yet to get Superman right and they’ve had four tries. This time they gave him a mullet. Really, Mattel and DC? That’s how you want your flagship character to be seen? You guys want to depict him with the worst haircut in the history of western civilization? Good call.

Package Description:

When the menace known as Doomsday came to Earth, it fell to Superman to battle him to a standstill…and the death! Though it cost him his life, the Man of Steel saved his adopted homeworld. Superman’s death activated The Eradicator, an entity from Krypton, who assumed Superman’s identity and placed the body of the fallen hero in a suit designed to reignite the spark of life in The Last Son of Krypton.


The Four Horseman did their usual great job on this sculpt. The six-inch figure really allows them to get great detail on their faces. Superman has a mullet. It’s an excellently sculpted mullet, but a mullet just the same. All I can see when I look at this figure is the mullet. It really ruins what is an excellent figure.

(Note: The regular figure for this series is the black resurrection suit Superman. The classic version of Superman’s suit is the variant.)

Superman doesn’t come with any accessories, but included is the right arm of Kalibak. This is a variant piece to Kalibak, the collect and connect figure in Series 6. This arm is sleeved and comes with a mace. The fist is closed so he has no way to hold the mace. The regular right arm that comes with Hawkman is hairy and maceless.



The basic DCU Classic sculpts are excellent for poseablity. When they add things they shouldn’t, like a mullet, it restricts neck movement from side to side. Also the cape is very inflexible. It’s made out of hard plastic and I would like to see this line go to a softer cape. All the joints work just fine and this is something that has been getting better as Mattel releases more waves of figures from this line. The early figures had quality control issues and those seem to be getting better with each new release.

Final Judgment: 6/10

MULLET, MULLET, MULLET!!! This is the classic series, not the hairstyle that was popular for six months in the early nineties series. Also, no accessories is always a bummer. He could have come with a steel bar to bend or a big chunk of kryptonite just to add something extra to the figure.

Dave Dearmore