Figure Friday: Iron Man Torpedo Armor

Published on June 19th, 2009

If you have been reading Comic Impact for sometime now you know that I LOVE IRON MAN! He is hands down my favorite Marvel character of all time. Since I was a kid I was in love with all his bad ass armor, and one of the  first things I told myself when the Iron Man movie was in the works was that Marvel would grace us with a bunch of action figures in cool armor.

I was right about that, as there has been a lot of Iron Man movie figures with variations on the armor. In this weeks Figure Friday we’re going to take a look at the Torpedo Armor Iron Man action figure!

Package Description

Iron Man has battled high-tech terror on land, and in the sky, but many cybernetic super villains make their lairs beneath the waves. That’s where the Torpedo Armor comes in. Sealed against the crushing pressure of the deep sea, and armed with underwater weapons, it is perfect for fighting evil under the sea!


Sure I know what you’re telling yourself- “WOW this looks a lot like the War Machine in Hot Zone Armor,” and you’d be right. Like I just said, I love Iron Man and I am a fanboy when it comes to Iron Man stuff. So I’m ok with him looking like the other character.

Plus blue and black are my two favorite colors and as you can see in the photo that David took for us Hasbro did a great job on the paint. It has the feel of used armor that has maintained it’s sexy design and cleanliness.

You can tell that Iron Man will not be fucking around in this armor and that he’s going to kick some ass. Aside from Namor I can’t think of a lot of Marvel bad asses that live under water. There’s lots of details in terms of panel lines and various shapes.  His guns have a bit of a solid and hard plastic look that I’m not a big fan of.


Torpedo Armor has a very limiting range of motion. It is hard for him to do some more dynamic poses and in turn doesn’t stand up right. The articulation in all the Iron Man movie figures have been very bad, and this one is no exception. In fact, I think all the movie figures have these attributes.


Final Judgment 5/10

Torpedo Armor looks good with other movie figures (trust  me on that one, I have a shelf full of Iron Man toys), but over all this is not a great  figure if you play with your toys. I do think it has a great paint job and I love the design of his weapons.  If you would like to purchase this figure, visit this link!

Simon Daoudi