Figure Friday: Green Goblin Marvel Universe

Published on June 12th, 2009

If you have been reading any Marvel book since Secret Invasion you know that Norman Osborn is kind of a big deal in the Marvel Universe right now. This week for Figure Friday we’re going to take a look at the Green Goblin Marvel Universe Series 2!

Package Description

There was a time when Norman Osborn was just a man, though he has always had a surplus of ambition. Even then, however, there was a monster lurking deep within. The Goblin Serum brought that monster roaring to the surface, and caused his ambition to rage unchecked. He became obsessed, first with the acquisition of power, then with the destruction of SPIDER-MAN. Every action he has taken since, every evil act he has committed, has been with those two goals in mind.


Like I have posted before I am not a big fan of the size of the Marvel Universe line.

Yet this figure does have some cool stuff that I fell in love with stuff  such as the texture. Hasbro didn’t need to add  the texture on this figure, but they did anyway and that score a lot of points in my book!


The figure has GREAT  facial details-  just take look at the insanity in the eyes. That is Green Goblin a.k.a Norman Osborn!

Thankfully, it comes with a lot of accessories such as a  messenger bag, pumpkin bomb, and glider. But here is something I don’t like about this figure; the pumpkin bomb is so small that a  kid can kill him self if he puts it in his mouth. These figures are supposed to be designed for kids ages 4 and up


The articulation is limited at the hips, but has hinged knees, feet, and elbows, twisty wrists and ankles, some head movement, and the mid-torso twists… which I hate because I feel like I am going to break the toy. This attribute has been common for all the Marvel Universe Figures I have reviewed so far.

Final Judgment 8/10

If you’ve already got a Spider-Man figure then you need a Green Goblin.  It’s a great figure and the only big complaint is that kid-killing pumpkin bomb. Now I can’t wait to get my hands on a Hobgoblin  in Series 4!

Simon Daoudi