Comic Film Snob: June 5th 2009

Published on June 5th, 2009

Hey everyone! Sheldon here …despite the rumors I am alive and well. It seems to always be a busy week on the internet when it comes to movies and just the entertainment industry in general. This article will try to fill you in on a weekly basis. I will cover as much entertainment news as possible when it comes to comic related news on the latest movie in development or tv show coming out or even that shining little straight to blu-ray/dvd/digital download film cartoon or otherwise! Hopefully you will only have to come here to my weekly round up and get all the news your little minds can stand so come Monday you can stand around the water cooler and empress the ladies by laying down your phat knowledge of comic related entertainment.

June 1-5th,

First up we have some of the Marvel logos from there four big upcoming films as well as news that Marvel Studio’s is aiming to release 4 films a year every year….some might feel that this is a little over kill and that the Superhero genre is on it’s way out the door. I however don’t think this is so as the head of Marvel Studios says that just because it is a Superhero film doesn’t mean that they will all be about capes as Marvel has Horror,Sci-Fi,Adventure, and even some Romance comics. I have to agree there. It is good to see they are mixing it up and not just throwing shit at the wall to see if it slides off.


Next up Marvel annouced the God of Thunders father in Branagh’s Thor film and it is none other then Brian Blessed! Some of you may recognize him from the Flash Gordon movie as Hawkman and others might recognize him as the voice of Boss Nass in Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace either way he is a pretty perfect choice for Odin. Marvel has yet to release any other news as of yet regarding any other casting for Captain America or Avengers films but I would like to bring up a little rumor I have heard about for the casting of Captain America. First of all I really hope this doesn’t come off wrong but I really hope like Hell the casting rumor I heard is not true. As it stands Marvel execs feel that Cap needs to have a world wide appeal and for that they need to cast an actor big enough all over the world to carry that. Before I go into the name that was thrown into the hat let me say this. I feel that if they go with an unknown it might be a MUCH better choice. I don’t want to sit there the whole movie and think aww man (insert famous A list actor’s name) is really doing a great job playing this character! I would much rather sit and just really believe that this is Steve Rogers a man out of time. However having said that I will accept Brad Pitt as Cap as I feel he can carry being the Star Spangled Avenger but I am just not sure on the age they are aiming for. What I will not accept or even watch is Will Smith as Captain America which seems to be a running rumor that I wish Marvel would squash.

In other Marvel news it looks like Bryan Singer is umping back on the X-Men franchise. I am not really sure how I feel about this as I wish he never left the series he began. It is like just when things got intresting in X2 he decided to go live out a fan boy dream  of his and do Superman. Basically turning X3 into a turd infested rat hole!

This week DC comic’s film staring Oldest Goonie Josh Brolin aka Jonah Hex leeked out on the internet. So far so good I am not really looking forward to this movie but I might go and see it. So far it looks pretty accurate to the DC comic of the same name but well we all saw Batman and Robin sooooooo mistakes can be made. I like the idea of DC helming a super natural western. It is different and for that I give them credit where credit is due!

Now last but certainly not least I bring you news from the wonderful world of Scott Pilgrim! Up above you have evil boyfriend number one (Matthew Patel) played by actor Satya Bhabha in cosutme!!!Squeeeee.Ok enough nerd fan boy shit. Now below is the teaser poster which Simon pointed out to me is basically the art they used for free comicbook day 2 years ago so nothing tooo new as far as art is concerned. Bryan Lee O’Malley himslef also mentioned that the movie and the book will both have a different ending and will not be a complete shot for shot of the comic.


Look at all those crazy Manga characters hangin out on that poster!! Looks fun doesn’t it;) You should read the books as it is an amazing journey that wont officially be over until Book 6 (you still have time) and the movie comes out!! Just think how cool you can be sitting in the theatre saying things like “Yeah it was good but I read the books a year ago and they were soooo much better!” Also supposedly a band called Metric is doing some of the soundtrack…don’t walk run and check them out there latest album is Fantasies.

Well that is it for me for this weeks Comic Film Snob! Lee Outttttttt! (drops mic)

Sheldon Lee