Figure Friday: X-Men Origins Wolverine (Comic Book Style)

Published on May 1st, 2009

img6795Wolverine is the most popular character in comics existence and he is also currently benefiting from a new film that came out today Now we are going to take a look at the main star of the film in his old school brown suit. As part of the Hasbro X-Men Origins: Wolverine  toys NOTE this is from there Comic Book Style line.

Package Description

Haunted by a past long forgotten, Wolverine spent years trying to recover his list memories. Once they returned to him, he discovered he had left a lot of business unfinished, and evil men still standing. From one end of the world to the other, he tracked those men, determined to avenge their crimes.


This figure has just  the basic body sculpt that we have seeing with all the  Wolverine  Origins when it  comes to Logan. Yet I am sure this is the same figure as his yellow X-men outfit. And that is ok with me the muscles in his arms and legs look accurately athletic same for his chest. I am still not a fan of the  black paint between each of the claws.

His face looks like shit with  a very bad paint job. That is a gigantic problem with the sculpt on this figure his mouth he looks a bit deformed if you ask me.It is a big  disappointment with a simple sculpt.


The action figure doesn’t feature anything overwhelmingly exciting. He does come with a all red Katana Blade . Why is it  all red your guess is as  good as mine. He does a few ok dynamic poses. He is  a lot of fun to play with after all this is Wolverine where talking about and in what I think is the best outfit. Yet he does not have good  balance  he has a hard time standing  up with out  falling over.

Final Judgment: 6/10

This figure  will look great in a collection especially next to your Marvel universe figures.  By far this is the best Wolverine figure I have review so far. Just take a look at some of are past one such as Wolverine ( Film) , Weapon X. I think I am done reviewing Wolverine Origins Wolverine figure till I get my hands on a Gambit. Make sure to come back on Sunday as we post a special podcast talking about the X-Men Origins: Wolverine film.

Simon Daoudi