Figure Friday: Hawkman DCU Classic 6

Published on May 15th, 2009

Hey welcome to a new Figure Friday! We are going to take a break from the Marvel Universe and go back to my favorite line of toys out right now. That’s right, the DC Universe Classics a.k.a the DCUC!


You are looking at the magnificent photos taken exclusively for Figure Friday. The new Comic Impact Staff member, David Dearmore, is a professional photographer and we are lucky to have him on the team taking photos of these awesome action figures! He will also post reviews and photography of the latest comic book collectibles and toys to hit the market VERY SOON. So keep an eye open for David’s work.

Ok now back to Figure Friday… this week we are going to take a look at Hawkman in Series 6 of the DC Universe Classic.

Package Description

During ancient Egypt’s 15th dynasty, Prince Khufu and his beloved Princess Chay-ara discovered a downed spacecraft from the planet Thanagar. Exposure to the ship’s anti-gravity nth metal allowed Khufu and Chay-ara to be reincarnated countless times throughout the ages to follow. In modern times, Khufu became the hero Hawkman and Chay-ara was reincarnated as his beloved Hawkgirl.


I remember seeing photos of this figure telling myself this can  be a great figure if they don’t fuck up his wings. Somehow the people at Mattel  made his wings better then I expected as they have amazing wing texture.

Hawkman has a lot of sculpting that’s unique to him to make him look like a bad ass. I love his mask, sure it does not come off, but it still looks great.  This is a very muscular figure and that suits the character.


I love the paint job on this and if I had to nit-pick something  it would be the color mismatch of his mask on his beak- but it is not the end the world. His weapons (mace, sword, and shield ) have a great texture on them that makes them feel aged.


The great wing articulation helps with great dynamic poses and that is something I always look for in a figure. Not only does he have a great body (How gay did that sound) the parts and accessories really makes you feel like you’re getting your money’s worth. Their are a lot of great dynamic poses you can do with this Hawkman figure.


You don’t always have to use his wings to make great poses.

Final Judgment 10/10

Yeah Hawkman got a 10/10. This is the first time in the history of the site we are giving a figure the perfect score! If you enjoy action figures (and I know you do), then go out and get your self a Hawkman Series 6  DC Universe Classics figure. There is a lot of shit out there, but this figure is not in that category.

Oh yeah- he also comes with Kalibak (who was created by  the great Jack Kirby) piece for all of you “build a figure”  people out there.

Simon Daoudi