Reviews: Air vol. 1: Letters From Lost Countries

Published on May 12th, 2009

Are you someone who does not like flying?  If so, you are just like the main character in this weeks Trade Tuesday feature, Air vol.1: Letters From Lost Countries by G. Willow Wilson, compliments of DC Comics’ literary imprint, Vertigo Comics!

airvol1Her name is Blythe and she hates flying. Did I tell you she is also a flight attendant for Clearfleet Airlines? Don’t go looking them up for cheap flights to Hawaii- they’re a fiction airline. One day Blythe sees this guy who she thinks is a terrorist while working for Clearfleet. Later on she discovers that there is a lot about this man (Zayn) that she didn’t know. Why? Because she was judging someone by the way they look.

Yeah, this book takes place in the post 9-11 paranoia world that we all still live in thanks to government propaganda. The book is not shy to talk about this hot subject which a lot of comics tend to avoid.

Air is a wild ride in the world of conspiracies. Ever wonder what the big oil companies are doing in conjunction with airline companies? Then read this book. Ever want to know more about the great Aztec secret societies? Then this the book for you. Also, did I tell you that there’s a country that isn’t supposed to exist? Well, there is. I know this sounds nuts but it’s the truth: This is one of the best comics I have read in 2009! The story takes some fun and unexpected turns- or as I like to call it around the Comic Impact office, shit just got real. I started reading it this past Friday night, and now I can’t stop thinking of this story and the characters in this world that G. Willow Wilson has created. I am totally in love with the story, and plan on getting the subsequent issues.

I know a lot people are comparing this book to the hit TV show Lost. Personally, I think it’s more like a Chuck Palahniuk novel with the Killers for it’s soundtrack.

Do yourself a favor and go BUY THIS BOOK because it is a great comic book. Air is nominated for the 2009 Eisner Award for ‘Best New Series’. Now I am going to get myself a copy of Wilson’s Cairo, as I’m eager to read more from this great writer!

Make sure to check out this weeks Trade Tuesday podcast where I talk a lot more about Air vol.1: Letters from Lost Countries!

Simon Daoudi

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