Gaming: X-Men Origins Wolverine Game

Published on April 15th, 2009


Sweet fancy Delilah. After a couple months of feeling pretty “meh” about X-Men Origins: Wolverine Video Game I am happy to announce I am officially pumped. The above trailers has everything you want in your Wolverine video game, save one thing: I CAN’T UNHEAR GAMBITS VOICE! I thought his voice was bad in the X-Men Legends games but this is just as awful. I’m starting to wish I could go back and time and just convince whoever created Gambit that he should be from Boston or something and to just trust me on this one. Also, I’m not crazy on his look. Where’s the black thing that went around his face?

But let’s focus on the positive. The graphics are eye-popping (and something ELSE popping…amirite?). Did you see Wolverine kick that guy out of the helicopter? How about that Sentinel? It’s a fact that everyone likes Sentinels and that we don’t get to see them enough. Actually, that’s not true at all BUT I’m glad to see them anyway. So how about it? Has this trailer “done it” for anyone else?

Butner Brimberry