I love Jersey Gods

Published on April 8th, 2009

jersygodsSo are you a fan of the great cosmic  comic book story lines but sometime you just feel like  there to hard to get into  them  ? If you have not been reading them  all your life ?  Are you also a fan of  the great  Jack Kirby. Well  then I found the book for  you.

It is  Image’s “Jersey Gods” a  ongoing series  with writer Glen Brunswick (“The Gray Area,” “Killing Girl”) and illustrator Dan McDaid .

This comic is a great way to get into the world of cosmic story lines and is very accessible to new readers. As our story starts off  with Zoe  a girl that is looking for true love then  one day she is at a  mall in  New Jersey  the gods (Barock and Helius) are going  one on one with an evil god from the  planet (Nebulon). You can see that Zoe has found Mr Right and she falls in love with Barock almost instantly.

Then we go back over  10,000 years ago on Neboron the home  planet of the gods and find out they had this huge civil war that kill Barock’s  father.Now in issue 3 that came out last week we get a bit of backstory as comic book great Mark Waid begins his tale of this great war.

This is  the first of four consecutive six-pagers that will tell us the  tale of a crucial battle in the history  on Neboron. The art is done by Eisner Web-comic nominee Joe Infurnari and it something you don’t want to miss. Mike Allred, Darwyn Cooke, Paul Pope and Erik Larsen  have  all done covers for Jersey Gods. I know  I can’t wait to find out  how this story line will turn out.

I know I am enjoying  this book and I would love to meet Dan McDaid maybe get a sketch done since I am in love with his work. So head over to your Comic store and ask them if they have Jersey Gods. I would like to thank Paul Sager over at Continental Comics for telling me about this amazing series. Sometime your comic book store owner knows what there talking about…..sometimes;)

Simon Daoudi