Figure Friday: ShadowHawk (Variant)

Published on April 24th, 2009

shadowhawkshockertoysThis week we are taking a look at a new line of toys from Shocker Toys as part of their Indie Spotlight’s. Remember the 1990’s in Comics ? Do you remember ShadowHawk from Image comics by Jim Valentino ? I sure do and now we are going to take a look at the Shadow Hawk Variant Figure.

Package Description

After a tragic scuffle with gang members Paul contracted the HIV virus. One of his friends, a cop name Christina Reid said she had a suit of armor that could help aid him in accomplishing his task of revenge against the man who give him the virus. Johnstone decided to don the suit, christening him ” ShadowHawk” after his favorite  superhero,and was taught how to fight effectively with the help of Christina,promising to “take back the night”. Johnstone aslo kept the pills needed to slow his reaction to his HIV infection in small pouches on his belt .

I know I don’t talk a lot about  this when I review a figure for Figure Friday but I love  the package design on this figure.

As far as the figure goes his costume is pretty simple (especially this variant).That’s the way he was done in the comics so that is appropriate for this figure.  He stands a good 6 inches  like  the Marvel Legends line from Hasbro.

A lot of his costume is black but if your in the Shadows I don’t think you want to be hot pink do you ? There are silver lines on his costume and also his helmet. I love how they did his eyes.

He has a very nice thin body but he was never the Hulk in the comics.I love that they  did not over do it with the muscles and his fists are closed. The black paint also helps not to show all his joints and his shoulders and neck, swivels at the biceps, waist, wrists and thighs, and all that jazz.

This  figure  is full of great articulation. So much so that I would be here all day posting about them. This is some of the best articulation I have seen in a long time. Shocker Toys knows what fans want in a figure.
TAKE NOTES HASBRO. Yet there is one thing that is not so great about this figure and that is the balance. Because of how light this figure is if it had a  more weight to it this would not be a problem.

Final Judgment: 9/10

This figure will look great in a collection. He is an excellent figure and would look great next to  some  ShadowHawk trades that I need to find  after playing  with this figure for a while!!! It  made me want to go back and re- read ShadowHawk one more time.He also comes with a very cool White Isz mini-figure from the comic book The Maxx as this a part The Maxx series.

I would love  to give Shocker Toys some exposure because this is one of the best toys I have reviewed since we started the site.For more on  Shocker Toys make sure to check out  there web site.

Simon Daoudi