WATCHMEN adverts going a little to far?

Published on March 7th, 2009

250px-happy-face1jpgYes Folks that is a real picture taken from the Viking 1. Was WB and Fox behind this or was WATCHMEN our original time line and Dr. Manhattan went back changed time and space here on earth to reflect a more calm version of what was………you decide but what ever conclusion you come to there is still a giant smiley face on Mars looking at us from a far.

There are a number of Viking Orbiter images of Mars that, from time to time, have been invoked as examples of landforms that look like familiar objects. On of the better examples is the crater Galle (51.1° S, 31.3° W; 215 km across), located on the eastern margin of the large basin Argyre. The “face” was first noticed in synoptic observations taken early in the Viking Orbiter 1 mission.

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As the smiley is a key motif in the Alan Moore graphic novel Watchmen, the crater was used as an important story location after the coincidence was noted by artist Dave Gibbons. According to Gibbons, the similarity “was almost too good to be true. I worried that if we put it in, people would never believe it.”[1] The actual crater was visualized in the 2009 film adaptation of Watchmen.


Sheldon Lee