Reviews: Planet Hulk

Published on March 3rd, 2009

phulkWelcome to another edition of Trade Tuesday, where I post something I want to trade and then you and I barter. Ohhh! Only kidding! As introduced last week by our good friend Sheldon, Trade Tuesday explores a title we are currently reading be it a past, present, or future title (Secret Invasion 2: Kree is soooo awesome by the way).

So for my first go at this I’ve chosen Planet Hulk. To give you some background on Planet Hulk, it went down about 2 and a half years ago during Civil War. The Hulk was launched into a wormhole and long story short, he wound up as a slave-turned-gladiator on the war-torn planet of Sakaar. If this sounds kind of familiar that’s because you saw the movie Gladiator and you remember the plot.

Weakened by his journey through the wormhole, Hulk is able to be captured and made to fight to earn his freedom. He is grouped with other gladiators to create the most motley of all crews, and let me tell you, this is one of my favorite teams in recent Marvel history. The group mainly consists of Korg, who is pretty much a more intelligent version of The Thing; Miek, the early comic relief goofy looking bug with four arms; Heroim, an elite shadow warrior outcast ; The Hulk, who is referred to as The Green Scar; and finally one of the last remaining Brood who also happened to be a member of the Royal Guard.

The entire premise of Planet Hulk revolves around Hulk being viewed by the common people as the savior of the planet Sakaar. As Hulk and his gang fight their way up the ranks, becoming more popular, they have repeated run-ins with the Emperor and soon see his evil and decide he must be overthrown (See? I wasn’t joking about that Gladiator plot). The entire story arc is really long, spanning about 12 issues, so there is a whole lot more to this story.

If you haven’t read Planet Hulk I would highly recommend it as I enjoyed it more than both Civil War and Secret Invasion. Perhaps what’s even better is that it sets up the events of World War Hulk which I’ll be writing about for my next go around here on Trade Tuesday! ::thumbs up, big smile::

Butner Brimberry