Reviews: The Astounding Wolf-Man vol.1

Published on March 10th, 2009

astoundingwolf-manvol1Do you like the old Universal monsters ?  Do you enjoy comic books (I hope so because your on a comic book site) Well Then I got a GREAT book for this weeks Trade Tuesday.

I want take some time and talk to you the comic impact reader about The Astounding Wolf-Man Vol.1 written by Robert Kirkman with art by Jason Howard. I got an issue of The Astounding Wolf-Man sometime back when there was a crossover with Invincible also a Robert Kirkman book. I told my self ” Wow I like this wolf-man guy I hope the trade comes out soon ”

The story opens with Gary Hampton who is a wealthy CEO and one day he gets attack by a werewolf and now he is a werewolf. Yet he does not have is powers fully under control. When he meets a man by the name of  Zechariah who is helping him out with his double life. Since Zechariah him self knows about having a double life, as he is a vampire.

At the same time as Gary try’s to be a crime fighter thanks to the help from his mentor Zechariah. He was evicted because his house was purchased with company funds.  His wife (Rebecca) does not like the idea of Gary and Zechariah being friends and his daughter just found out her daddy is a werewolf.

This is not a horror comic book it is more a fun super-hero comic after all do you know any other werewolf who has a “Wolf-Car” I shit you not. I am not going to talk more about the story because this trade has a great OMG at the end of this first story line. I can’t wait to pick up the next trade.

Simon Daoudi