Marvel Lip Gloss and T-shirts

Published on March 29th, 2009

iloveboysmarveltshirtYou know what’s hot ? Girls who read comics you know what’s hotter?

A girl who shows her love of comics and it looks like Marvel is now expanding its merchandising outreach to women. After more than 70 years doing their merchandise to men’s market from Iron Man t-shirt to some Incredible Hulk underwear (that I have on right now). It looks like Marvel is going to have a major push into the women’s apparel, cosmetics and accessories markets.

Since 2007, the $5.7 billion consumer products division at Marvel has been testing select items for females, such as graphic character T-shirts.

Smell like Spider-Man as Marvel debuts cosmetics (and more) for women.

Susan Fields, vice president of product merchandising at Marvel, said the company plans to roll out a series of female-friendly products with a new range of licensing partners. Currently, stores are selling contemporary fashion tops licensed to Mighty Fine, junior fashion tops from Junk Food, mass fashion tops with Fortune Fashions and jewelry with H.E.R. Accessories.

A larger array of items will soon be introduced, including handbags from Bioworld, stationery with iScream, color cosmetics with Lotta Luv and watches and fashion jewelry with MZ Berger.

The plan, said Paul Gitter, president of consumer products, North America, is to have a full Marvel lifestyle brand of products available before 2012.

Sounds good to me so if any girls who read comic Impact wants to send us … Oh wait yeah this is still a comic book blog not my  personal fetish site. but why  smell like Spider-Man when you can smell like Kitty Pryde……..

Simon Daoudi