Blue Beetle in Doom Patrol ?

Published on March 12th, 2009

bluebeetleI am not sure how Sheldon will  feel about this story that his boy Blue Beetle and Ravager will be getting co-features in the new Doom Patrol as the second story.Keith Giffen is helming a new Doom Patrol series which debuts later in the summer with art by Matthew Clark. The co-features will be presented in pages added in addition to the regular series’ stories.

The Blue Beetle and Ravage stories will pick up on threads from the recently canceled Blue Beetle series. It will also move the characters in their own directions.

You may ask your self why is DC Comics doing this ?

Well as Dan DiDio told the press “We have a number of characters and series ideas that we firmly believe in and that a lot of creators are passionate about, but unfortunately, when it comes to the actual production of an actual series or a miniseries, they always run into some challenge when it comes to sales”

DiDio confirmed that both Teen Titans and Booster Gold – and other series with co-features will increase in price to $3.99.
I am not sure that I will still pick up Teen Titans since I enjoy the book but I don’t love it. What do you say comic impact reader ?

Simon Daoudi