Casting News: Scott Pilgrim

Published on March 11th, 2009

spcast1Looks like Edgar decided to tease us endlesly with yet another picture from the yet released Scott Pilgrim film……..

Ughh I wish I could cryogenically freeze myself  and wake up to this movie. I honestly can’t wait for this movie with it’s video game references and it’s great sense of humor it is sure to be a fun ride!!! So here is Sex Bob-omb or at least most of them sans a few faces!!

Ughhh Edgar is far worse than any of Ramona Flowers Ex’s. So above we have Scott  Pilgrim ( Michael Cera), Stephen Stills (Mark Webber),Young Neil (Johnny Simmons), and last but not least Kim Pine (Alison Pill). So aside from Simon and Me who else is super excited for this!!?

Sheldon Lee