NYCC 2009: DC Comics Saturday

Published on February 7th, 2009

Here is some of the highlights from DC Comics and WHAT ? Final Crisis isn’t over !!!!!

comicimpactnycc4Batman News

  • Battle for the Cowl,(coming out in march) look for five one-shots
  • Look for two one-shots called Gotham Gazette the bookend the Battle for the Cowl series.
  • There are eight Batman books arriving in June
    • Detective Comics
    • Batman
    • Red Robin
    • Batman and Robin
    • Outsiders
    • Batgirl
    • Gotham City Sirens
    • Batman: Streets of Gotham
  • Azrael limited series as well as Oracle: The Cure
  • Greg Rucka will  Detective Comics for at least 12 issues, but possibly 14.
  • Look for Owlman’s appearance in the Outsiders
  • Don’t expect to see the Joker in books.
  • An old Batman villain is new again?

Final Crisis isn’t over

  • Fallout from Final Crisis will begin to be seen in the rest of the DCU soon.
  • Final Crisis isn’t over, there are four, six issue monthly series beginning in May.
  • Final Crisis Aftermath: Run
  • Final Crisis Aftermath:  Ink
  • Final Crisis Aftermath:  Escape
  • Final Crisis Aftermath:  Dance
  • 24 issues featuring something you’ve never seen before in a DC series.



  • Blackest Night #0 is a free book being given away during Free Comic Book Day.
  • Keith Giffen is on Doom Patrol next.
  • Giffen, J.M. DeMatteis, and Kevin Maguire will provide Metal Men back up stories in the Doom Patrol series.
  • Flash #1 arrives April 1, 2009.  with Bart Allen.
  • Eight new members join the Teen Titans.

Simon Daoudi