New York Comic Con in October ?

Published on February 4th, 2009

Are you going to the NYCC in just a few days ?

Well it is  the last New York Comic Con in February. Because looks like in 2010 the New York Comic Con will take place in October as they are making plans for a new show in Chicago.

nycc09logoSo why October for NYCC? To put it bluntly, we really didn’t have any choice in the matter. We had been meeting with the Javits on and off for over a year trying to find acceptable dates, with room to grow, that we could keep for multiple years. We looked at everything; moving other Reed shows, running the con on Mothers Day even if there was anywhere else we could stage the con (Boston? Could we call it New York Style Con?). Finally, Javits came to us with an idea – October. They would move another show to make room for us and give us the ENTIRE upstairs of the building and the downstairs for panels. This was a big risk for us as we’ve never been in the fall, but after months of scheming, this was the only option we had to work with. After talking to our customers the general consensus was that we have built something of value, and if it happens in October then they will be there in October. And what we were facing was no New York Comic Con or NYCC in October, all signs seemed to point to the fall. I talked with the folks from other cons who this would disrupt before we announced it, and while I could do little more than give them the heads up, we did not want anyone to think we were doing this to deliberately cause difficulty for anyone, it was the best choice of no choices! – VIA Medium At Large

Sounds good to me now  I have more time save more money  that I don’t have for next years New York Comic Con. Remember that Comic Impact staff member Adri will be at  the New York Comic Con this weekend  she will  have full coverage for you guys so Stay tune to comic impact for more  on the NYCC 09.

Simon Daoudi