NYCC 2009: Warner Bros

Published on February 7th, 2009

comicimpactnyccDave Gibbons, illustrator of Watchmen, on the stage! He introduced some sneak peak footage (18 minutes!!) of the Watchmen movie; and in his charming Brit accent, gushed in excitement about the film, comparing it to Christmas morning.

Also shared with us a completely unviewed scene from later on in the movie after blessing us with the 1st 18 mins.

It opened with comedian w a whistling teapot watching political Tv, talk shows discussing war, soviet attacks, and an address from Nixon.

Thers an intruder. Edward Blake smashes the teacup to the wall, grabs his gun, commences fighting a leather black suited intruder…”I guess it was just a matter of time.”  Knife throwing, fists breaking chunks out of walls. Blood drips onto the smilyface button, and both are tossed out window.

Amazing color, scenery. They make the Comedian JFKs killer. Andy Warhol painted Nightowl. Dr Manhattan was at the moon landing. Oz was at Studio 54.

Rorschach’s mask shifts inkblots, mutates constantly.

Overall, looks phenomenal. More updates to come!

Adri Cowan