NYCC 2009: Mondo Marvel

Published on February 8th, 2009

Here is some of the highlights from Mondo Marvel

  • comicimpactnycc4Tom Breevort announced “The Marvels Project” by Ed Brubaker and Steve Epting. Beginning in June, the project explores the origins of the Marvel Universe.
  • Lockjaw and the Pet Avengers miniseries  was announced written by Chris Eliopoulos ( WHY !!!!)
  • Frank Tieri announced he is writing “Punisher Noir.” “It’s basically the Punisher killing a crapload of people — only in the 1920s. .
  • Greg Pak announced “Planet Skaar!” begins in May. “Skaar is finally going to come to Earth. He will slash straight to the heart of the Marvel Universe.
  • The project begins with a May-shipping “Planet Skaar” prologue. The series begins in earnest in “Skaar” #11, although Pak suggest readers begin with the imminent Silver Surfer arc. Ron Lim will draw the Surfer arc, “Skaar” #8-10. It’s called “Silver Savage.”
  • The Spidey team  talked about “American Son,” by Joe Kelly and Phil Jimenez. It’s an Osborn-centric arc, part of Dark Reign.
  • “American Son” leads into “Amazing” #600, featuring the return of Doctor Octopus. For the rest of the year, the classic Spidey villains will come back, leading into a 2010-story called “The Sinister 666.”
  • Amazing Spider-Man: The Short Halloween one-shot with art by Kevin Maguire and written by “SNL” players Bill Hader and Seth Meyers,


Questions from the fans

  • What do you guys have planned for the Avengers? Bendis: ?
  • Both of my Avengers books will be dealing with Dark Reign from different points of view. Some deal with it well, some deal with it terribly.
  • Slott: You will see how the Mighty Avengers are seen abroad. You’re going to see some very Dark Reign-centric characters interact with the team. Issue #23 will reveal the secret behind why the Scarlet Witch is back.
  • How come at the end of Secret Invasion, all the people who were replaced just came back, and why wasn’t it elaborated on before Dark Reign?
  • Bendis: Because enough is enough.” But you will see a lot of “what it’s like to return” in the “Spider-Woman” series, as well as in “Avengers: The Reunion.” You will see what happened on the Skrull world before people were taken.
  • Any plans for Toxin or Carnage? Yes for Carnage.
  • Will we see Deadpool in any of Joe Kelly’s Spider-Man stories? At the moment, no, but there is an idea for how to do it that they are talking about.
  • What’s up with Ms. Marvel? Carol Danvers is going to New Avengers, and Moonstone will take over the “Ms. Marvel” book.
  • Luke Cage miniseries? Marvel Knights one in the works, and he’s always in New Avengers.
  • Will Dark Avengers go beyond Dark Reign? Yes.
  • Anti-Venom? There’s a Dark Reign Anti-Venom one-shot coming up.
Simon Daoudi