NYCC 2009: Marvel Digital Panel

Published on February 7th, 2009
Here’s some highlights of  the Marvel Digital Panel.
  • The panel began with a slideshow overview introducing
  • John Cerilli also talked about “War of Kings: Warriors,”. The tie-ins will star Gladiator, Crystal, Blastaar, and Lilandra.He then announced “Dark Reign: Made Men”
  • John Cassaday’s and Joss Whedon‘s “Astonishing X-Men” will be adapted into Motion Comics.
  • “It’s not quite comics, it’s not quite animation,” Quesada said of the hybrid nature of the project.
  • “Spider-Woman” will be Marvel’s first in-continuity motion comic and will be coming out earlier than each issue of the printed comic. The series will be available on iTunes and Brian Michael Bendis told the panel.
  • The first question was about Spider-Woman’s first story arc. “We pick her up the next day” after the events of “Secret Invasion,” Bendis said, and “she gets a job offer from Agent Brand to be the first agent of SWORD on Earth, hunting down some of the aliens running around including the Skrulls that did her wrong
  • “You have to either embrace technology, or grow old and grow extinct,” Quesada said. “The evidence for me is the iPhone I have in my pocket

Simon Daoudi