Artist Spotlight: Robert Atkins

Published on February 1st, 2009

Super-talented comics artist Robert Atkins joins us for this month’s Artist Spotlight. Atkins is best known for his art in issues of “Rift,” “New X-Men: Academy X,” “Snake-Eyes: Declassified,” several “GI Joe” titles, and even penciled “Dreadnoks: Declassified, Issue #3.”

His other work includes”Forgotten Realms: Legacy,” “Legion of Superheroes of the 31st Century,” “Elders of the RuneStone,” and several Marvel stories. Most recently,Atkin’s art can be found in the newest “GI JOE” issues ­ head to you local comic shop and pick them up today!


Make sure to also check out Atkin’s website for action-packed sketch art that jumps off the screen, and updates on his signing appearances. Send us YOUR questions for our January 10th interview with Robert Atkins to: and get in on the interview!

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Simon Daoudi